THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, L.G., Thursday, April 25, 2013

« The Novel: A whiff of ambition »

« From Jean-Claude Ellena, the unconventional in-house perfumer for Hermès, comes his first novel, La Note Verte (Sabine Wespieser, €16), a romp through Paris’s marketing world, where fashion trends rule the fragrance industry. When veteran perfumer Claude Nael finds himself ousted by an ambitious young rival, he steps aside and observes his young competitor’s frantic quest for the scent’s elusive green note. It’s a zingy mix of intrigue and romance, plus a fascinating glimpse of the art of perfume-making. Mr. Ellena’s latest must-have fragrance: Jour d’Hermès, a blend of green-tinged citrus and a fresh floral bouquet that morphs into a woody white musk. »